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By BikerBear

Hey, Gus ....... GUS...

What Gav?

Shuffle round a bit, bit more ..... there, don't stare .... it's one of those shutterbugs

Hey, I know who that is .... it's BikerSquare - don't know why they call her that though she looks a bit round to me, maybe all those Christmas treats she's been scoffing (** snigger**) - Beaky Bill down at the Bridge told me she caught them napping at the port a while ago!!

Oh right, I've heard about her too - I got loads of wingmail down at the lighthouse!

What about?

Seems she's part of some kind of cult - weird lot THEY are - take photos of stuff and put them in the squintynet for other humans to see .....

What, like birds and stuff??

Yea, seems they've got some kind of challenge thing going - all gone birdcrazy they have .... some of the wingmail guys seem to have their own personal human like we've got today ......

Why do they do it??

Dunno Gus ... they seem to like it though ...

Who've ya heard from then?

Well there's Bertie Bittern - his human is Sillyblips ..... and Dave Dunnock says his human is called Velosnore ....... Ali Anhinga says someone called Snifferdog stalked him the other day ....

What?? They stalk us??

Yea, but they only have cameras not guns (relief) ... don't interrupt - then there's WP (his great grandad Woody was in the movies you know - very famous but he's a nice little guy) - his human, DoodiBifulcrum sits on the porch for hours taking photos .... then Betty Bullfinch told me that Booooom puts out food for them every day and that's great cos Sweden is very cold in winter .....

You've had wingmail from all over haven't you?? Wow!!!

Not finished yet, matey ........ couple of them Aussies got in touch Kiki Kookaburra told me about SozzzledRos, Gary and Greta mentioned Roller (he ate to much Christmas stuff and has to roll now instead of walk) and 'Legs' Egret said Roller's lady, Valium is never caught napping when birds and insects are around - she's a star!
Yesterday young Hannibal Hawk in Michigan USA said he was just taking a rest when Naturist wandered over and pushed a camera right in his beak!!!! Charming!!

Naturist?? Didn't she have any clothes on??

Dunno matey, he looked away real quick just in case - he's only young and gets a bit red in the feathers sometimes!

Got funny names these humans - their Mums and Dads must have been on some kinda looney juice when they named them, eh? Squaaaaawk squaaawwwwk

Hey look, that BikerSquare has clicked a few times - think she's got enough shots?? Lets go, eh - fish for tea tonight again, I reckon!!!!!!


Sorry folks, was feeling a bit frivolous this afternoon - no offence meant to anyone and just hope it raises a bit of a smile. Couldn't include you all so also sorry if you didn't get a mention.

Saw these two Black Headed Gulls in a flooded field on my way back from London earlier ..... just couldn't resist a bit of a story!!
Try large for smiley beaks.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's blip!!

NIKON D90 : f/5.6 : 1/320" : 240mm : ISO 320 : EV +1.0

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