It Takes Two

By laurie54

A Brake In The Shade

As I was coming out of the orthopedic institute where I was fitted for my special shoulder sling, I spotted this rickety old bicycle under a tree in the parking lot. I took a page out of my Creative Live iPhone X internet course and snapped a boatload of photos from all different angles. My favorites turned out to be the ones on which I used the 2x zoom. I took the one I used as the blip on portrait mode and then played with the built in light filters (natural, studio, etc). I am sticking another one I liked as an extra. Using the phone as much as I have lately will be good practice for when I’m immobilized and after putting on that sling today, I can guarantee that I will be immobile.

I wondered what my parents did to fight boredom before the internet. I asked my 17 brothers and sisters and they didn’t know either.

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