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By Damnonii

Castles on Cards...

Before I rattle on about today, have a look at yesterday's backblip to find out what happened to Alan's car!  Beggars belief! 

I was supposed to tackle the ironing pile this morning but somehow the morning managed to disappear without that happening and I have nothing else to show for it.  

It's Alan's birthday tomorrow so finished off making his birthday card.  I have a pad of funny typed phrases and found one that suited him perfectly, so stuck it on the front :-))  

He loves castles (actually I suspect it's the coffee shops that usually comes with castles that he likes ;-)) so for his birthday this year we have bought him membership of The National Trust and Historic Scotland.  The actual membership cards won't arrive for a couple of weeks so we printed off the membership leaflets from the internet so he has something tangible to see.  

I decided to make him a card with a castle on the front to put the leaflets in and once I'd finished it made me laugh as the style of it reminded me of Roobarb and Custard, a cartoon I loved as a child and Alan did too.  Very apt :D

I had an email exchange this afternoon with Lin, the manager at Broadslap re. her offer to put some of my art work on display for sale in the Farm Coffee Shop.  Long story short, I am meeting with her at the coffee shop on Friday afternoon and will take a selection of framed works and let her choose the ones she thinks have the best chance of selling.

She's also invited another lady (Mary), whose art work she sells through the shop, to join us so I can meet her, as she thinks we have a lot in common and says Mary has good contacts re. framing and mounting art work that she's happy to share with me.  That is so kind of her.

I am really excited about the meeting and have been pretty upbeat about my work, but now that the prospect of putting it out there to sell is real, I can feel nerves and self doubt creeping in...but I shall keep telling myself nothing ventured, nothing gained.  And if none of them sell and I will just have to bring them home and hang them in the house.  Not a problem.  There's plenty wall space!  lol

Look at the time.  After midnight again.  Must get back to blipping earlier in the day!!!

Ten years ago today I said goodbye for the last time to the best Gran  a girl could have.  I miss her so much, but I know she walks beside me every day.  Till we meet again Gran, I love you xxx

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