Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Gravel on the ground

I should  have been telling you about getting my hair cut and coloured.  However that didn't happen. I turned up at the salon in Gateshead at 2pm but the hairdresser wasn't there.  The place was deserted apart from a lady at the back of the shop who was the nail technician.  She said my appointment was cancelled as the hairdresser wasn't in today.  Her Dad had died.  She is going to ring me as soon as she is ready to return to work and reschedule my appointment. 

As I now had more time on my hands than expected  I decided to get the bus over to Newcastle to check out suitcases.  I looked in a few shops and ended up getting one in T J Hughes.

As I was walking around  my left knee became very painful.  I decided to try and support it with some strapping so I nipped into Boots and bought some which I wrapped straight around my knee.  It did help - eventually.  I also bought some Ibuprofen gel which I have used this evening.  Strange how the knee injury wasn't my main concern on Monday when I fell over but now its becoming a real problem.

I have had a restful evening giving my knee a chance to settle down.

The Abstract Thursday challenge today is " texture "  so I took this photo of  some metal grating filled with gravel which surrounds one of the trees in Northumberland Street in Newcastle..  I boosted the colours then inverted them in Picasa.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Musical link - GRAVEL On The Ground by John Denver

Steps today - 9,058

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