Desperately seeking

By clickychick


Everlasting is such a nice thought when it involves something lovely!

Last year The Mate asked if I could plant him some sweet peas to make a boundry to his small garden. I bought some sweet pea plants but I accidentally bought miniatures! They didn't make any visual impact at all.

This year  played safe! I bought anual sweet peas for the side wall to give a show of high colour, but for the end trellis I bought the perrenial, everlasting variety, Lathyrus latifolius.

Every time I go to The Mate's house he tells me to cut myself some flowers. This time the perenials needed cutting. they are a straighter, stronger stemmed flower than the anuals.I am going to see Kat tomorrow so I will take the bunch with me for her. Their sweetness will ofest the smell of rotting grass clippings in the car that she has requested for her compost!!!

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