Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid



So, this hospital is very sophisticated. You actually get given a menu to order your meal, and the menu is varied and extensive. Not what I was expecting at all. Up to now, despite feeling extremely hungry, I haven't been able to face food. G is no longer around to bring in meals, so I've got to bite the bullet!!

I had asked for toast several times but was always told it's not possible. Then yesterday morning, before I got moved, I noticed someone getting some jam. I wondered what they could possibly be doing with jam if toast is not on the menu. To my surprise, the same guy who said "No" to toast said they did bread and butter, just not toast! Well. He might have told me that.

So, today, I had two slices of bread instead of the awful cereal! I also tried the roast chicken for one of my meals.

Not sure what happened in the evening, but I went to bed with the most pain I've had since coming in. It was just awful and unbearable. I thought paracetamol would shift it, but no. I asked for the doctor on call to examine me. He prescribed morphine but that did absolutely nothing either, so in the end, I asked for paracetamol by drip. That worked eventually. Unfortunately, just as I finally fell asleep, the doctor came to check up on me. I think I got 3 hours of sleep - the complete opposite of the previous night when I had the best sleep since being admitted. The nurse said she'd put a "Do Not Disturb" notice for me, so I wouldn't be asked to move at 8 am when the sheets are changed.

The doctor was not impressed I was in bed when he made his visit. It was a genuinely cold and wet day and as the radiator temperature can't be adjusted manually, it was the only way I could keep warm.

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