By Veronica

Wet day

It rained and rained today; the vignerons will be pleased as the vines need a good drenching before the harvest next month. As you can see I didn't venture far. 

We did go to the physio in the afternoon (still can't drive, so S has to take me). Piotr got me in the gym this time, doing challenging stuff like balancing on one leg and standing on tiptoe (I was a bit shocked to find I cannot actually walk on tiptoe). Lots of exercises to do at home. And he advised me to chuck away the ankle support; it's time to start building up strength. Happy to oblige.

So at home, free of ankle support and crutch, I tottered around providing a little sous-chef help to S, who has been doing all the cooking and housework for two months. Tired now!

Speaking of S, he provided a backblip for yesterday, another day when I failed to take any usable photos.

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