An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

You ain't seen me...


David and I had a secret visit to Kelso today.  Not quite ready to say why yet but all will be revealed soon :-))

On our way there we passed a sign for Hundy Mundy Burial Site.  I thought the name was quite unusual so I googled it.  So glad I did.  Seems there's quite a few natural burial sites in Scotland.  I've never heard of natural burials before but what I have read definitely appeals.  

You can imagine the exciting conversation that took place in the car after that wee discovery!  :-)))

P.S. Oh forgot to say that on the way there, we handed in my Wee Chookie Birdies and other work to Lin at Broadslap Farm Coffee Shop.    

We left there at 11.30am and I got a text from her at 11.45am saying she'd sold one of my Birdies!  So, regardless of what happens, I can at least say I sold one!  :-)))  

As we were leaving the shop a family was arriving with the cutest little girl with blonde bunches in her hair.  I really hope it was bought for her :-)

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