59 and a bit more

By 59

The book

A few people have shown interest in the current diet I have been doing. This is an update to the 8 week blood sugar diet I was following with current research up until this year. I like scientific backup of ideas and models whether it be a diet, climate change or how to train a dragon ( the latter is pretty sketchy I must admit). Talking of dragons Maddy needed a purple dragon to go with her rat ( yesterday’s blip) and I just happened to have one which was from a promotion by a drug company a few years ago. I just had to remember where it was....

Part of my old job was educating people on healthy eating. Much of what we used to teach is now outdated so I like to keep up to date for my own health. I’m impressed with this style of eating. It’s really a Mediterranean Diet and I only eat about a third of what I used to eat. I’m not hungry which is really good and you get a variety of nutrients. The only thing I’ve bought extra are herbal teas and strawberries.

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