Ready to go...

Not with Canvas Holidays this time, and in all the years we have holidayed in France, this is the first time we have taken our own tent and bare essentials. No trailer either, so it really is just the things we think we can’t live without. Jon has packed everything up, and there is just enough room for us and Henry.

I’ve spent the day shopping, tidying and trying to think of things we may have forgotten. A bit silly to give that job to a menopausal woman! Anyway I didn’t think of anything, but France will have anything we need (coffee, croissants, baguette, wine...) what else could we possibly need!

Mollie and Daniel have both gone out already, and we are just having a cup of tea before we hit the road. Our ferry isn’t until early morning, but I like to get there early, and once we are in Dover we can kip in the car.

Hopefully this time tomorrow I’ll be blipping from sunny Normandy!

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