....petals with white and green mingling together, a winter hellebore.

A hellebore which is in it's prime this year, it has numerous flowers which are such a delight. Also special as it was gifted from blipper JMK a few years ago coming out of her garden before she moved, thanks J :)

Friday.....lovely to stroll through my garden with a cuppa in hand. Pleasant 15C with a cool breeze this afternoon. Lovely blue sky with white puffy clouds drifting by. I was so amused by a little silvereye tugging away at a Japanese anemone seedhead, you know those nice fluffy ones. His little wings were going so fast and after a couple of tries he succeeded, nice to know these little seedheads make good nesting material.

The last week has been ever so busy, I hope to catch up with blip over the weekend, until then hope you're all keeping well.

Happy weekend everyone :)

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