By Teasel

Sunflower and Bee

BB was weary this morning, but made it out to school in time.  I was also weary and dragged myself out for a run.  It was a really lovely morning, blue skies and warm, but it was windy.  It was hard work running into the wind.  I felt exhausted when I got home, seven miles later.  It was a good drying day, so my washing machine was working overtime.  Late morning I realised there wasn’t much to offer BB for lunch, so a brisk walk to the supermarket was required.

I sat in the garden, in the sunshine to have my lunch and finished my book – The Salt Path – which I would recommend.  An inspirational read.

Later BB and I headed back down to town to get him a new pair of rugby boots.  He had his heart set on a pair, but they weren’t the right fit for him.  He came home with a pair that he likes better!

It was then home for some chores and I cooked a fish curry for tea.  We have an early start tomorrow, so I should really get to bed.

This gorgeous bloom was looking radiant in the early morning sunshine, as I hung out my first load of washing.

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