By Colstro

The view from here

Neet's Jan 2012 challenge subject for today is "The view from here" - take a picture from wherever you are.

I have said before that the area where I live is not noted for it's beautiful landscapes, but this is a scene that demonstrates some of the benefits of the green belt around London, giving small towns around the edge of the city sprawl some open countryside to enjoy.  The views may  not be particularly special, but they are very welcome.  I have photographed this view at various seasons, and hope to continue doing so, showing how the scene changes as the weather varies,  as the crops in the field grow and are harvested, as the light changes at different times of the day.

The light this afternoon was not very dramatic (I should have got out this morning when it was more attractive), but I think the monochrome conversion gets the best out of it.

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