By hazelh

Fire(work) starter

Normally I would have blipped a photo of the Festival fireworks today, as I have done on the equivalent dates in previous years when we have watched them: 27th August 2018, 1st September 2013, and 2nd September 2012. I did take quite a few shots of the display, but my favourite picture of the evening is of 10 year-old Ava Ellis.

Here Ava is standing in front of the orchestra, about to press the button that sent the first flares up into the sky. Ava won the privilege of playing this role as part of her prize for the picture that she submitted to the annual Festival poster competition this year. I love the expression on her face here, showing a mix of nerves, excitement, and anticipation.

We enjoyed the show, but it was a bit strange for us to take our place amongst strangers in the seats of the Ross Band Stand as a party of two. We missed the fun of a group outing to the fireworks. Our usual partners for this are Liz and Tony, but they are on holiday in Spain this week.

Earlier today my not-so-little sister travelled up from Newcastle on the train to take the precious cargo of Mummy hazelh back to Northumberland by Volvo. My not-so-little sister was very excited when we told her our plans for Mummy hazelh's 80th birthday tea party next month. In fact it would appear that she is more excited than the birthday girl herself. All will be revealed in due course...

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike, walking (c14,000 steps) - yes, we're back in business!

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