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The new coat

Here is John, who walks with the Intermediate Group of the Haltwhistle Walkers on Wednesdays. Today was my third walk with the group. Previously I'd expressed my concern that he did not have a waterproof with him; last week he was soaked. Today he was sporting a brand new jacket, so I had to photograph him!

The forecast was very mixed, with the possibility of heavy showers. I took full waterproofs and an umbrella. In the event, the rain showers were all this morning and each was relatively brief. From lunchtime onwards there was no rain and the waterproofs were in my back pack.

We took a route from Cawfields Quarry, going north of Hadrian's Wall, into quite wild countryside. It was hard going because everything is so overgrown at  the moment. Arth did well, so much so that I allowed him to go on the Hadrian's Wall Trail on our return loop to Cawfields. Locals will tell you that there are steep ups and down here. I think I was being bloody minded about this, because I'm so determined to get back to full walking fitness.

Half the group went up and down and half went on the flat(ish) path lower down.

Drinks were at the Milecastle Inn and then I did a supermarket shop in Haltwhistle on my way home.

It's so wonderful to be out and walking again. The views today were wonderful. You could see for ever.

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