Capital adventures

By marchmont

I want up!

For a few weeks now every time I sit down Molly comes and paws at my leg to get up on my knee.  Who says cats don't like human contact.

Trying to get back into the routine.  Said good-bye to R who is off on her Scottish road trip before flying back to Canada on Wednesday then swam.  It was quiet - just how I like it.

Went with mum to Tollcross at lunchtime and she was told she was 'very good' which is 'very good'.  However, the wind almost blew both of us over while we were waiting for the #24.  Elsewhere protests were happening - there in spirit.

In past the flat for some financial chat and then home.  E came by for post holiday chat and later I made prawn stir fry. Oh the excitement.  Spent an evening doing not very much and composing emails to burial grounds and professional genealogists.

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