Birthday girl

5 today. As you always say on these occasions is 'where does the time go?'. What you can't see in this photo is the keeker above one of her eyes. Mei mei head butted her!

For me, a swim, some veg shopping (amazed that neither of the chain supermarkets in Gilmerton had winter veg). Made soup (winter approaches) and spoke to the family. Much blowing of hooters and we all sang 'happy birthday'.

It turned into a beautiful afternoon and I cycled out all the way to Rosslyn this time. It didn't seem so uphill the last time I did it. Had a wander round the, very busy, Chapel bit no photos. Phone left at home. But it was a good 16 km ride, although riding home into a strong wind isn't fun.

Another quiet evening beckons, with the heating on.

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