By Teasel

Fast and Furious

It was back to work for me, but I took it easy.  I went in later than normal and left in good time.  My day was non-stop and as ever there are hundreds of emails to catch up with.  My colleagues were all very sympathetic about my back trouble, which was really nice of them.  When I logged my two sick days on our HR system , I saw that my last sick day was over four and a half years ago., which must mean I am quite healthy!  I made a  point of walking round the building occasionally so I didn’t stiffen up.  I managed a quick twenty minutes out of the building at lunchtime, and had to get past the “film set” that is the road outside the office.  They are filming Fast and Furious 9 apparently.  As I haven’t seen F&F 1-8, it means nothing to me – which surprised a few of my colleagues.

I left in a rush to get my train, but arrived at the station in good time.  I even got a seat.

Once home I had to get BB out to football.  I then went for a short walk to stretch my back again, as it was really aching after driving home.

It feels cooler in the house this evening, and was chilly as we waited on the train this morning.  A skein of geese flew overhead this evening - autumn is here.

Here’s the film set.

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