By Teasel


Me and my cold could have stayed in bed this morning, but the painter was coming to varnish the windows and I had to call into a meeting at 9am.  I woke up to the news that the dad of one of my oldest friends died this morning, which wasn’t a great start to the day.  The meeting I called into wasn’t great  either.  I was told it wouldn’t last long.  An hour is much longer than I thought, so I then had to race down the road to meet a friend.  I haven’t seen her since before lockdown.  We went to a local café, who said we could have the table for an hour.  We left after about 2.5 hours!  There was a steady turnover of people, but always empty tables.  I then had a mad dash to collect lunch and get home to feed the boys. 
The painter had done his work and by the time I got back he had gone, so I started on the clear up job.  There is alot of dust – everywhere.  Later I was about to go out for  walk, when the heavens opened and the rain was torrential.  More housework was undertaken.  When it eventually went off, I ventured out with my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t rain again.
I was wabbit when I got home.  Thankfully BB had requested fish and chips for tea which is an easy option.
Later, I called my mum and dad to let them know about my friend’s dad.  My dad was quite upset as he has known him since they were young,  He’s also upset that he can’t attend the funeral.  He then told me that two former work colleagues have died in the past few weeks, and he of course couldn’t’ go to their funerals either.   TT had his usual virtual  whisky session with friends, and I had an early night as I really needed a good night’s  sleep. 
These white park cattle are at Lennoxlove

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