An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sea Holly...


David was playing in a gold medal today.  The weather was rubbish (as was the level of golf apparently) till he left the golf course and it cleared up!  

I was supposed to be meeting Janice and Fiona for lunch but that's been postponed till Monday.  I used the time to make Christmas cards and start the food planning for the weekend.  It's going to be a very busy but enjoyable one.

I also picked my camera up as was determined to use it for my blip today.  I had fallen into the habit of just using my phone, which is fine if that satisfied me but I miss playing with my camera.  

Sadly there wasn't much inspiration around, even Lola refused to pose for me, then I spotted the sea holly that's been sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be binned since we came back from Northumberland.  One little head was worth photographing, so I did :-))

Four Amazon deliveries today.  All items I've ordered for Esme's cake smash photo shoot next week.  I am hoping David won't decide to total the cost of the items I've ordered so far.  I keep telling him I am buying dog treats.  Lola is ever hopeful!  ;-))

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