Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


We had some heavy rain quite early this morning, so once the rain had stopped, I decided to go out and have a wander round the garden to look for a flower for today’s challenge - and you might be pleased to know that I was dressed!  It was quite cold and breezy, so I had to be careful when taking close-up photographs - in fact, it felt quite wintry!

There are still lots of flowers blooming, including roses, geraniums, nasturtiums, sweet peas, hollyhocks, salvias, echinaceas, and many others.  However, my favourite was this little borage, also known as starflower, bee bush, bee bread, and bugloss, a medicinal herb with edible leaves and flowers, not that I have ever eaten the leaves or flowers.  When I looked at the shot on my Macbook, I noticed that there was even some pareidolia on the bud on the left, a bonus there, especially for my Blip friend, LSquare.

I am having a break from going over to see Mum today - well that’s the plan at the moment - so Mr. HCB has suggested we go out for coffee this afternoon and I have invited a friend from Church.  The problem with caring is that it encroaches on every part of your life - as many of you will know - so it will be good to go out and do “normal” things this afternoon.  

I think Mum would rather it was just the family going over and caring for her, but we have explained to her that we are not able to provide for all her needs - and need to have a break now and then - so we are very grateful for the carers who now go in four times a day.

After my appointment with a nurse at our doctors’ surgery this morning, I am pleased to report that my blood pressure is “very good for someone my age” - and while I was there, the nurse gave me my flu jab - so my left arm is a little achey at the moment, but better that than a dose of flu.  

I thought this quote was quite apposite today:

“Don’t mess with me - 
     I get paid to poke people
          with sharp objects.”

P.S.  Thank you again, for all the kind comments for my Abstract Thursday Blip - I am going to try and do some commenting later.  

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