More Money Than Sense

I've had a lovely lazy day today.  Unusually I haven't stressed myself out by worrying about what needs doing - I just put everything to the back of my mind and  did nothing.  I have mostly watched TV.  Caught up with 3 episodes of Peaky Blinders.

Neil's birthday was on 30th August and I had asked him what he wanted me to buy him.  Today he messaged saying his running shoes had fallen apart today after he finished the ParkRun so could I contribute to a new pair.  I messaged back saying I would just pay for them in full  if he told me exactly which ones he wanted.  He sent me a link.

I was shocked to see that he had chosen some  NIke Vaporfly Running Shoes which cost £209.95,  Gulp!  But of course I had to order them as I had said I would .  I think my Mam would have said I had " more money than sense " .  I have tagged this for Silly Saturday as I personally think the price of these shoes is ridiculous. Thanks to Admirer for hosting

Musical link RUNNING SHOES by Juke Boy Bonner

Neil isn't doing the Great North Run tomorrow as he is running the Berlin Marathon on 29th September.  His training is going well.  Becky isn't doing the GNR either - she is running the Richmond Marathon next Sunday.  So I have nobody to cheer on this year.  But I wish Good Luck to everyone who will be running from Newcastle to South Shields tomorrow.

Steps today - 3,824

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