Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Upside down

Today I made the mistake of logging on to my work email account "just to see" what had come up in the last 2 weeks and spend half an hour deleting all the junk. Not a great idea as I had 354 mails and then spent over 2 hours deleting a third of them before I got fed up. 

I then went out for a bit of a walk to Spike Island as I've not been for a while - not so much about and no new species today, but I loved this little blue tit that was quite acrobatic whilst feeding. 

A lunch at mum and dad's and another opportunity to take the mickey out of my niece about her upcoming journey to being a university student, and then an afternoon of watching the GP and watching the agony of England finally losing the Ashes to Australia. They held out well, but were not good enough in the end. Well done Australia.

Now I just need to pack and relax before another trip to Sweden tomorrow. 

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