Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


The Cardinals are done breeding for the year and the males have stopped defending their territories.  The youngsters who hatched (and survived) are all on their own now, learning the ropes.  I was sitting on the back steps of our deck when this one landed on the cherry tree - and I knew immediately that he was a hatch year bird.  There are a few things that are quite noticeable when you know what to look for... 1) his crest isn't fully feathered yet, 2) his beak is still showing some traces of black, 3) his black "mask" isn't fully formed, and 4) he's still got quite a few patches of buffy feathers around his neck.  But all in all, he's shaping up to be a stunning male once he has fully molted.  

Hubs and I had a nice chat with my parents this morning, then off for a quick workout at the gym.  Then, we loaded up a bunch of MIL's clothes and personal effects and moved them into her room in the new facility.  The idea is to make tomorrow's move as stress-free as possible for her.  We need to get a dresser for her room, but we've put a few family photos on her night stand where she'll be able to see them, and put some stuffed toys on the chair next to her bed.  Our plan is to get her there around 11 tomorrow morning so she will have the rest of the day for assessments, and to get settled.  I'm feeling quite a bit of anxiety about this move - mostly just not really knowing how she will do with the change in her surroundings.

Released two more monarchs today, bringing the year total so far to 34.  Probably have another 20 or so to go.  Still taking requests if you want me to release one for someone you love.  

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On depression...some days it feels like you are walking through quicksand with a giant boulder on your back.  It is hard to move, hard to do anything really.  But there are so many medications that can help, and also so many good therapists who are trained to help people with depression.  My biggest message is ... you don't have to suffer.

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