Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

For Laurie's Mom

This morning I released a monarch that emerged yesterday afternoon - she wasn't ready to fly before the sun set yesterday so I left her in a safe enclosure for the night.  And last night I got a message from my friend and fellow blipper Laurie54 that her beloved mother had passed in her sleep the night before.  So this butterfly was meant to fly in her honor, without any doubt.  When I took her out of the enclosure this morning, she sat on my finger (see Extra) for the longest time.  I told her a bit about the woman in whose honor she would fly, what a strong and amazing woman she must have been, how wonderful her daughter is, and how very much I know her daughter is going to miss her.  When she finally took flight, she circled overhead once and then started flying off over the woods heading south.  Laurie, my heart is with you, and I am so very sorry for your loss.

We moved MIL to her new home today, a stressful morning/afternoon, although all seems to be going smoothly.  Hubs and SIL will go over and sit with her at dinner tonight, helping the transition.  Fingers crossed.


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