A day in the life

By Shelling


My employer, Kalmar council, sent me to a three hour training course in HLR. Translated directly into english it means Heart and Lung Rescue, I'm sure you have the same training where you are. We, who work in the Theatre and meet the audience are also part of the security so that if anyone has an accident or a heart or breathing disorder, we need to know what to do. As in most public places in Sweden we have a heart-starting device that's easy accessible for all and pretty straight forward to use, even without any training but we're supposed to be a bit more confident if anyone should need help. Well spent money for the council I think and I feel grateful for getting the training.

The evening was spent in the neighbouring village where a "music and poetry evening" was held in the church. It's a small, warm and cozy church and quite a few had turned up. I'm 66 years old and I was the youngest one there and my suspicion was right, it wasn't the event I was hoping for. Enough said about that. I sat through it and noticed afterwards that for some of the people in the audience it had been a soul rescue event and they were moved and happy about the evening. 
I went home to quietly finish a day of contrasting experiences.

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