Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

London Dairy

Drove G to work and then spent a few hours in my Lebanese Cafe getting all sorts of things done before I could collect her. We were supposed to meet up with Patrick, but he got delayed by another client, so we came straight home, which was good because I was really tired!

Friend Farzan got in touch to see if we were free in the evening. She is marking 27 years of arriving in Dubai and her 27th wedding anniversary. Her husband is in the UK at the moment, so we took her out to Al Seef for a meal. Farzan is my original date buddy, and I beat her on 1.9.19, so she bought us ice cream! We were chatting away, totally oblivious of the time when the shop assistant said he needed to close. It was past midnight!

We dropped her back well past her bedtime. It was so humid today and even though we were in air-conditioned places for the biggest part of the evening, doing the little bit of walking outdoors was really uncomfortable. Roll on October! Al Seef was like a ghost down. A number of businesses have closed down over the summer. So sad.

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