By AH14

A Gorgeous Misty Dawn

A 5:30 am alarm for this one! It was the first time I've photographed this river at sunrise - I wasn't disappointed! I couldn't see the sun come over the horizon from where I was standing but the light was gorgeous! I will definitely be back!

I probably shouldn't say it, but I love all three of my blips today - probably, as much as anything else, for the memories they evoke! There's another misty dawn shot in my b&w journal and a beautiful bird of prey in My Third. Any other day, it would have easily made it as my blip for my main journal!

It's been another full day. After my early start, I made pecan nut and maple syrup flapjack for a country fair that I was helping out at in the middle of the day - they didn't hang around for long! It was such a beautiful day - it was lovely to chat to people as they enjoyed the stalls and displays. The bird of prey was on one of the displays.

Then home for a snooze and to defrost my freezer - a much hated job! It's now after 8 in the evening and I'm still working on that one - what a fun activity for a Saturday evening! :)

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's sunset! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Ann :))

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