Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Who's that Lady?

Who's that lady? Who's that lady?

Beautiful lady, who's that lady?

Lovely lady, who's that lady?

Real fine lady, who's that lady? - The Isley Brothers, 1964

It was definitely a butterfly kind of day today.  The garden was aflutter and I spent more time than I should have sitting out in the sun, snapping photos and just enjoying myself.  Still not feeling up to snuff, but convinced that it is allergies not a cold.  Which means I could wake up any day now and feel perfectly fine.  Just in case, I bought some more allergy meds at the store today.

These are both Painted Lady butterflies.  The one on the right landed on the flower spike for just the briefest of moments before realizing it was already occupied.  

MIL continues to settle in to her new surroundings much better than we had expected.  Fingers crossed.  

No warbler action in the yard today but there were 4 hummers zooming around chasing each other, along with a recently fledged cardinal being fed by dad.  Late babies this year.

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