By pensionspoet

The Guildhall, Norwich

Norwich Chief Constable, engraved on one end of the Guildhall. I wonder why I haven't noticed it before. I had a quick Google, but in the time I have waiting at the bus stop, I can't see anything that says how long it has been there. The Guildhall is on Gaol Hill in Norwich, and was previously a court house. So all those things jigsaw together. It has probably been there for ever! Sadly, there used to be a really nice cafe in the guildhall, run by ex offenders, but it seems to have closed. There is also an 'escape rooms' but I guess that's closed too. I hope it reopens as something nice, and affordable. It is such a beautiful building inside, people need to be able to go in!!

I've had a busy day, but am heading home early (4.30) for an arranged 'date night' with Jon. We are going to see the Downton Abbey film. We both loved the series. If I can, I'm going to try and squeeze in a 20 minute run first. I'm slipping on that front - and as I told my work colleagues today it's as if I'm doing the couch to 5 and back. Currently on my way back if I'm not careful. The couch is extremely appealing as the dark evenings approach. So it may only be 2k, but that's what I plan tonight.

Tomorrow I must get up earlier! Roads were awful coming in - it just isn't worth that extra 20 minutes in bed!

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