North Berwick Law

A local Monday holiday for BB and I, but not for TT.  My only plan was to go for a proper run.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel, but my cold seems to have lifted and apart from a sore foot (I am an old crock!), I felt fine and managed to plod round seven miles.  I then pottered doing a few chores and nagged BB to get off his Xbox and to get dressed.

Much later we headed out, drove to Dirleton and walked to Yellowcraig, then along the beach to North Berwick.  The tide was out, the sun was out and the wind was behind us.  It was a lovely walk.  The only thing on BB’s mind was lunch.

We then returned via the John Muir Way, and thankfully the wind didn’t seem to be too bad.  It was home for cello and homework for BB, cooking and ironing for me. I stopped long enough to take BB to football and then came back to the ironing mountain.  I have cleared a lot, and now need to put it all away.

Back to school and work tomorrow – but a short week for us both.  This is North Berwick Law from the beach.

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