I was really weary this morning and had a very slow start to my day.  I checked in with my colleague and she was much brighter today which was great.  She said she had an early night and a really good sleep – so I am sure that did her the wold of good - but I must keep an eye on her.  Otherwise my day was busy and I  had  a meeting that went on over lunchtime.  TT also had a meeting going on over lunchtime, which meant we had a very quick late lunch, and I then had a brisk walk around the block.  It’s definitely been cooler today and much greyer.
BB had rugby training after school and came home filthy and hungry.
TT took charge of tea so I popped out for my daily walk and to purchase an emergency birthday card for TT’s niece who will be 21 on Friday. She lives in Newcastle and we have just spotted that the North East of England is possibly going into some kind of lockdown from Friday – that will have scuppered her birthday plans – though we have heard that she had a celebration last weekend in case of any restrictions. 
I believe this is a corncockle - it's in our wild flower patch..

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