Tall Poppy

The day started off with an emotional challenge.  A colleague has been having a really tough time personally over the past few months and she is not in a good place at the moment.  She was determined to be at work today, even though I suggested she look after herself and forget about work.  I think work does help to give her something else to focus on.  She has been amazingly strong throughout, but bumps and wobbles along the way are inevitable.
I finished off many of the wee jobs which I started yesterday, and there was the usual series of calls.  An old friend got in touch and we have arranged a chat next week – which will be nice.  Sounds like she is having family challenges too.
I popped out for a lunchtime walk around the block.  A neighbour has a box of apples outside their house for anyone to help themselves, so I did!
Late afternoon I got a message to say that someone at BB’s school has tested positive for COVID.  It was inevitable.  Kids have only to stay off if they are contacted via track and trace.  We haven’t been contacted so BB will be at school tomorrow.    He seems to be very unperturbed by the whole thing, which is good.
TT was at work today.  I popped out for a walk and to pick up some milk and fruit, and left him a note and instructions on what to make for tea.  It was just ready when I got in – good planning on my part! I walked right round by the river – something we avoided doing during lockdown to avoid hordes of people.  It was lovely – a really balmy evening and the river was so calm.  Later I did my knee exercises.
After my emotional call this morning, I wandered out to the garden to clear my head.  It was so still – compared to the gale force winds we have been having – and it  was still very mild.  This is our wild flower patch which has been devastated on a few occasions by bad weather.  The poppies continue to put on a great show.

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