Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Soggy Dunnock

It's been like the Municipal Baths today.  When I looked out first thing there must have been eight sparrows of varying ages splashing in the birdbath, with one standing on the stone looking as if he was saying 'No Bombing!'  Then a young starling arrived and there were several minutes where he and a young sparrow looked to be swimming in lanes quite companionably!  It's the first time I've seen the dunnock having a bathe and the others took off when he arrived - pecking order??

I've been working through my job list for the remainder of the day with a break to walk up to Wilsden for a filling (!)  I don't know why I worry because I always feel safe in Dentist Maria's hands and that big troublesome tooth is now sorted.

Tony's back home tomorrow.  His last walking day was yesterday and I had a message to say the last two days have been particularly spectacular walking.  He's now in Venice enjoying the sights and trying to find the little cafe we discovered on our last trip which makes the most delicious paninis!

Add to the job list:  refill the swimming pool!

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