Craft evening

I have been determined for ages to start making things. I’ve got loads of ideas of things I want to do, either my own ideas or stolen from Pinterest. Tonight I started, but ended up just making earrings! It was the easiest thing for an evening. However they are unlike I’ve made before, and I’m using buttons. Quite pleased with this small selection as my first go. I hope that if I get enough things, I will be able to find a craft stall at Christmas to sell them. I do need to make a variety of things though, as so many people make jewellery. These have taken me about an hour and a half so I’m thinking I need to up my prices a bit. I’ve found things are a lot more expensive in craft fairs than I charge, and people still seem happy to pay. If it’s unique then I guess people will.

The work day has been frustrated by glitches in our new computer system or the new server. But I don’t know about computer, just that I was beginning to lose my patience today as I had a lot I wanted to do. That and the fact that annual benefit statements have hit the mats today, and that triggers people to ring us (usually before they have bothered to read them properly). So it will be the same tomorrow and for the next 4 to 6 weeks at least. Why am I still doing this after 30 years?

I did make an exciting lunchtime purchase, but I can’t tell you what it was, in case someone is reading!! But I can’t tell you who either! Lol

Now I’m going to wash up, then have a bit of time with Ralph as he is desperately trying to sit on me as I type this!

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