By pensionspoet

Save the planet...

This was the clear message from this brave passionate group of people in Norwich today. All ages, but all with the same message of desire.

What are we able to do as individuals? I recycle, upcycle, compost and try not to waste anything. But I cant, and never will be able to afford an electric car, or solar panels on my roof, so do I just not go out? We have pretty much decided on a petrol replacement for Jon's diesel. But it's still quite big as it needs to tow - and it will be petrol. Where does the electricity come from anyway, to power? Nuclear mostly, and I cant see that is any better. We need to reduce our dependency on electricity. Yet everything EVERYTHING depends on electricity to run.

As the human race, we've got ourselves into a big mess.

Work was ok and rubbish. I'm glad this week is over. Leaving at 4.45 on a friday definitely wasn't the plan.

So hope we have sun, and fun this weekend!

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