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Weekend away

Today started slowly. There was only one chef in the kitchen and 37 of us wanting cooked breakfast. The menu was excellent, but offered a lot of options. People were getting very edgy when the food did not appear. The poached eggs were all  hard, but no one complained because we had a walk to start!

The staff were extremely nice and I felt sorry for the waitresses. We hope there will be two in the kitchen tomorrow.

Our walk was easier today because there was a breeze which made it feel cooler. I did the first 6 miles, then dropped down into Moffat in the early afternoon. The rest did 9 miles. 

I had a pint in the garden with Brian, who does not walk now. We had such a lovely chat, talking about our families and times  past.

Then I slept until dinner.

After dinner we had entertainment - all of our own making. As usual it was good humoured and good fun. I did a sketch about how to welcome a group of walkers on a Festival walk. I recruited 9 others who had no idea what was going to happen, but who soon were playing their parts.

It opened with an introduction of me as leader and the two others on the team. "Between us we have 3 artificial joints". That made the walkers feel confident!

I announced that the walk was 16 miles long, but two people thought it was 6 and were sent home.

Gradually there were reasons why no one was allowed on the walk and the team gave a sigh of relief and went home themselves. (It was raining heavily at the time.)

Perhaps you had to be there.............

There has been plenty of time to walk and chat and rest and relax.


PS we finished the keg of beer before dinner and that was that!

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