By pensionspoet

Last trailer job

It has been a wet day, but dry enough at lunchtime for a walk with my work colleagues in a bid to get fitter and slimmer. Not everyone walks at lunchtime like Carol and I, so it's good to try and motivate people to move more.

Clearly the radio waves are still filled with outrageous political revelations, news about the unlawful prorogation of parliament, and everyone's comments on the matter. I am not of the view that Brexit should now 'just be done' to hurry up the process, and allow them to move on. I am of the view that if it is debated, and looked into for longer, they may eventually come to a sensible conclusion that does not devastate our futures. If that results in no Brexit, all the better.

It is date night, and we had planned to take old wood and rubbish to the allotment to burn it. Torrential rain all day has put paid to the bonfire, but after friday we wont have a tow bar immediately so we took the trailer load of stuff tonight, and emptied it. Hopefully we will be able to burn it at the weekend. We now need to decide whether to sell this big sturdy trailer. It takes up a lot of space on our drive, and is very heavy, but has been useful.

So back home now for our date night in. The boys have go in to Norwich for their first jujitsu class. I'm cooking tea, and Jon has gone to buy cakes to eat for pudding when the Great British Bake Off is on. Its tradition!

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