Capital adventures

By marchmont


Had a brilliant swim this morning, so few of us in the pool.  There is aquafit later so some of the shoal come for that.  Good for me as I got my kilometre in with 2 strokes, not the usual one.

Then home to watch the landmark ruling live.  It was quite something.  You could tell by her body language what way it was going to go, but what a bombshell.  However, not sure it moves us on, but it was good to hear that the Scottish judgement had been upheld.

Spent the rest of the day at College.  Although it was an ok day when I left the promised rain arrived and it was a dank, foggy evening on the way home.  It would appear that I am to be regarded 'the leader' slightly earlier than anticipated, not de jure but de facto.  It seems the current leader will have other priorities given today's decision. 

Came home to set to rights parts of the house that were looking distinctly out of sorts.  Been a quiet evening in.  Molly is also having a quiet evening, lolling on the carpet after doing her usual trick of begging to come up on my lap. You have to give in.

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