Grim Weather

TT had to be at work early today, so it was my responsibility to get BB ready and out to school.  It all went reasonably smoothly, though he struggled to eat his breakfast.  The hardest part was getting his trainers on.  What a struggle.  Eventually with the help of his good hand, we managed.  I drove him right to the door of school and dropped him.  He wasn’t very happy, but I saw one of his friends arriving a the same time, so hoped they met up.  I headed for the train and had a hideous journey to work, getting in about 40minutes later than I should have done.

Another busy day, with lots going on and a Parliamentary meeting in the afternoon.  When I left this evening it was pouring and was such a contrast to the weather this morning which was sunny and warm.  I was soaked when I got home.

BB had a better day today and was certainly much brighter.  He’s still not at all happy about situation.  His first words to me this morning were< I didn’t want a broken arm”, and when I phoned him earlier to make sure he was OK, I asked if one of his friends had carried his bag, he said, “ no I need to get used to carrying it myself”.  He’s beginning to get used to the idea.  Still no call from the hospital, but I checked the slip I got on Saturday, and it says it may take up to four days – even though they said I would hear on Monday.

The weather was grim as I waited on my bus home.

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