Newly Emerged

It has been another really busy day workwise.  It was chilly outside but quite bright, but then late morning it got very dark and there was torrential rain.  It then rained on and off so no opportunity for a  lunchtime walk for me unless I wanted to get soaked.   I just kept working.
BB had football training this evening, but he was none too pleased that he had to walk there as I was heading off to a new yoga class.   It’s so long since I did any yoga, that I have signed up for a four week beginner class.  The teacher seems really nice and although I haven’t done any proper yoga for about twenty years, it’s amazing how familiar it all seemed, though I am sure I am not nearly as flexible as I was back then!
I picked BB up on my way home, quickly ate my tea the then headed out for my Steptember steps in the dark.   Working from home, combined with it getting dark earlier and earlier is not going to be good for my step count come winter – actually it is already a challenge, but the step challenge is keeping me going.
Not many blips today, but I took this first thing this morning as another poppy emerges.  Poor thing was then flattened by the rain.

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