By Teasel

Flower Box

BB expected a lift to school today. As he was running out of time to walk, I had to jump into the car and drop him off.  He’s getting too used to this!!

I headed off to meet a friend at her son’s school, where they were holding a Macmillan coffee morning.  It was rather too early for cake (for me anyway), so I had some lovely shortbread, while everyone else enjoyed the cake.  We wandered around town for a  little bit, while I waited on my boot gett6ing mended at the cobblers.  Unfortunately the rain came on, so we weren’t too keen to walk much further.

After picking up some lunch, I came home in the rain, to find my washing quite damp.  BB then appeared very briefly to tell me that he was going to a friend’s house.  The rain got heavier and heavier, so I gave up on my plan for a run, and did some chores instead, popping out briefly when I thought the rain had abated.  I was soaked when I got home.

BB braved scouts and I took the opportunity to run – about 4.5 miles and I came home with very wet feet.

Later I watched a bit of TV, but then headed to bed as I was nodding off.

I like this clever use of a disused phone box.

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