By davidc

"Cat and Fiddle" Pass, near Macclesfield

This morning we completed our journey to Macclesfield, driving over Woodhead Pass and then through Glossop. We then took a slight detour from our usual route, stopping in Buxton for coffee and some shopping before taking the "Cat and Fiddle"* pass to Macclesfield. We seemed to be driving through monsoon conditions most of the way, but the upside of that was that the traffic was remarkably light - and ofn course it provided an opportunity for a weather-related blip.

(Note: Be assured that I was not driving when I took this photo - we stopped briefly in a lay-by.)
We visited Mum-in-Law this afternoon and found her in reasonably good spirits although sadly as a result of her Alzheimer's she can never quite get her head round what's going on. She's crafty, though, and still has a sense of humour: when we asked her how old she would be on her birthday (on Monday) she answered with a cheeky grin, "Well, I'll be older than I am now!". Nice one.

(*The pass takes its name from the pub at the top.)

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