By pensionspoet

New Car!! (Well, it is new to us)

I didn't actually get a photo of it at home, so this is the one taken at the showroom last weekend. Jon is extremely pleased with it. Although when he came back from doing the shopping this morning, he said he had trouble finding it in the car park, as every other car was the same blue!!

I stayed at home and did a bit of housework - bathroom and hoovered upstairs. After coffee, I went to the allotment. It was really windy, but I still had to try and find a way to fix the corrugated plastic sheeting to catch the rainwater in our water tank. It kept taking off in the wind, acting like a giant kite, but I had a pen knife and string and eventually pinned it down in about 8 places. I'll go back tomorrow to see if it is still in place. Then I planted some shallots and dig up my last row of charlotte salad potatoes. I love that feeling as they emerge from the soil, like discovering treasure. I still have another bit to dig, but I think the potatoes will be slug eaten. Then the bed can be used for something else - to go with the green, and shallots I've already planted there.

Back home I tidied the greenhouse. That was very satisfying. I want to do some more planting, and need to sort my seeds next. Jon only had to get one spider for me!

Then we drove over to Norwich to the place where Henry will be doing his study part of his apprenticeship. It is on the outskirts and I will have to drive him there Monday, so wanted to check it out.

We came home via B & Q and then Cromer where we got fish and chips and ate them overlooking the sea in the dark. It was breezy but atmospheric!

Home now for a film, a gin and some chocolate!

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