A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Train In Vane

I had already concocted a fiendishly clever plan (well, maybe not actually fiendish or clever, but still) of capturing this weather vane (of which I am partial every now & then) yesterday on my run. It stood out then when I happened to look up at the beautiful architecture of the at least 100 year old Priory Chapel. It might have had something with the sun bothering to show itself; not so lucky today. Rather dull & dreary, but enough of that.

When we turned the corner on the way to an exceedingly dull & dreary day at work (I said no more of that, although we did only have 5 cases in today. It's increasing!) I suddenly recalled my not-so-fiendishly & nearly-but-not-quite-clever plan. A jet black crow was perched on top & I think makes a splendid adornment & contrast to the shining & regal vain.

The smell of homemade mince pies & homemade/ shop bought (it split this time!) custard is wafting its way down the hallway to where I am parked on the sofa as we speak. It's solely for my benefit of course (he says grinning madly) as Jen got back on track with her Dukan diet today (it benefits her & me, it's win win!).

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