A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


A complete transformation in the weather from yesterday. Cold this morning with a touch of frost but a beautiful blue sky and sunshine day.
We felt we must get out and make the most of it so took a walk along the canal to Saltaire. Had a coffee in the Half Moon Cafe in Roberts Park and then walked back along the R Aire and the canal to Bingley.
Parts of the path by the river had been and, in places, still were inundated form the recent heavy rain and where the weir is/ was by the boating club the water was literally ‘boiling’ over the rocks that remain there.
The river below here through the park to the next weir at Salts Mill was calm and beautifully blue reflecting the sky (extra - you can see the half moon cafe here too). A lovely walk with several sightings of the Kingfisher that is found on this stretch of the canal and I collected a few conkers, not sure why!
Back in Bingley we got a bit of shopping before heading home for a relaxing afternoon before tonight’s final dress rehearsal.
It’s our third rehearsal this week with the first performance on Friday, maybe also for the first time ever, EVER, the whole cast will be present!

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