By pensionspoet

Pykerell House, Norwich

I had a slow drive in today as we left a fraction later than 7am. Amazing what a few minutes difference it makes. Dropped Henry at 8 and was in work at half past.

Had a difficult day of maths problems, interrupted by constant phone calls. So don't feel like I've got very far.

Had a nice walk with Jane at lunchtime taking in a few churches and points of interest. We have a book called nooks and crannies of Norwich - it is also downloadable. It has 3 simple walks around the city, with bits of information about the sites itemised. This house is one of only 6 remaining thatched houses within the city walls.

I left at 5 once Henry had met me and tonight I'm off to dance for an hour. I have been for a very short run, as I'm finding it hard now I'm not running regularly with Mollie. I've done 10 minutes, and will go again Friday if there is time in the daylight.

Better get off now to tap.

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