Norwich Station

My week has gone from frustrating to more frustrating. Today excelled itself and I had to work hard to remain sane. Starting so well, I dropped Henry at the training centre early. The last time for 6 weeks. I was on track to get to work at a reasonable time (all week I've struggled with the extra journey, and just feel shattered after a 90 minute drive to start my day). But my hopes were dashed when (in short - if I can) road and car park both closed, police cars blocking it, and the centre of Norwich gridlocked. I edged through along with the rest of the traffic, racking my brains of where I could park. Ended up headed through to Rose Lane, and things weren't so bad, but I was at least half an hour later than I should have been. It just left me wound up before I'd even begun my working day.

I had a nice chat with my team leader mid morning in a 1to1, then had a brisk walk at lunchtime to the station, to collect my tickets for my weekend in London in November. Looking forward to that, but have other nice weekends to look forward to before then too.

Managed to do some sorting out at work in the afternoon, and tomorrow I have a plan. I do like fridays at work, because they come before saturday, so I work in a more positive way!

Got home just before 6 and Jon had cooked dinner. So I'm blipping while the water warms up so that I can wash up. Then I will sit down under a blanket with my beads. It's cold....

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