By pensionspoet


That's how I would describe this place. Above this takeaway 'Arnolds' towards the back, is Jon and mine's first ever home. 38b Stanstead Road. The building below is an addition. This cost us £52,500 in 1988, and was the worst purchase of our lives. Of course we didn't know it at the time. It set us on a good 5 year struggle to move on, dig ourselves out of negative equity, repossession, etc. Not happy memories. I had to walk around the corner this evening to the post box, so thought it would serve as a blip, but not a reminder of happier times, even though it was our first home together.

I managed to work quite well from the bedroom. The wifi held out, and I got lots of calls. At lunchtime I went up the town to buy one of those pill boxes with sections in it for dad. I picked up a few other bits, but the weather was dreadful and not great for browsing.

I worked until 5.45 and then went to make dad get up. He is so tired all the time he just wants to stay in bed. But with a bit of encouragement, I persuaded him downstairs in his pjs. I cooked dinner, which he forced to eat. Again, he isn't feeling hungry so it is hard got him to face.

Now having a go with mums 50+ year old sewing machine as I brought some of my fat quarters with me. Unfortunately though, I can't find a zipper foot, so I might have to stop now.

Tomorrow Manda is coming over in the morning to pick up dad and I for our trip to Harefield for him to get a covid test before Monday's admission. What a long way to go just for a test but it is what it is.

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