Non sequitur

Ah well, what a day today was. I didn't wake up till after 8. I haven't used an alarm clock, except for exceptional circumstances like catching a plane, for over 20 years and I'm constantly amazed by how my internal clock moves with the seasons. As the dark mornings progress I sleep longer.

Then I sat, all day, on a seat with a laptop sorting lists, and ordering scarves, and tracking down owners and looking at an oven, and cancelling 2 from a meal, answering messages and finally cooking and eating and then watching 'The Secret Herb Garden' on "Gardeners' World'. Finished by researching insurance and watching food. Outside it was cold and dreich.

I feel like I have achieved little but done a lot.

The picture is of a picture in yesterday's Gallery. I think I'll set it to the folk in automative.

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